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download vdeo - 22 Ways to Thank Your Insurance Agency Customers

I’m no relationship expert.
Just ask my wife.
But I know you need to go out of your way to show appreciation for the other person in any relationship, otherwise it will deteriorate and eventually die.
But you don’t want relationship advice from me. (trust me)
Let’s talk about your agency instead.
How healthy are your customer relationships?Do they know how much you appreciate them?Do you go out of your way to make sure they know how you really feel?What are you doing to make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside?Client relationships are just like personal ones – they require work.
And if your business strategy doesn’t include processes to go out of your way to say “thank you” to your customers, they will eventually leave you.
With Thanksgiving coming up later this week, I thought it’d be a good time to explore ways to say “Thanks!” to your insurance customers. Here they are:
1) Random Thank You Phone CallA phone call from your insurance agent usually means one of two things:
There’s a pro…

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What do computers, monkeys, and my 3 year old daughter all have in common?
They can all sell insurance on price alone.
A professional insurance salesperson (like you) must be able to connect with prospects and help them understand and internalize the value of the insurance you’re selling.
If you only sell insurance on price, you will eventually be replaced because:
There will always be another company with lower rates.When people buy from you just to save money, they’ll leave just as fast.A call center employee can quote more people faster and cheaper than you.A website can give millions of quotes per second even faster and cheaper.I’m not an idiot. I know that price is the primary driver of insurance sales. But I also know that selling on price alone will be the downfall of you, your agency, and the entire agency sale model.
Here’s 14 tips you can implement today to sell insurance on value.  Not one of these tips takes more than a little conscious effort.
1) Talk About ClaimsWhen shop…

download video- 27 Referral Marketing Ideas to Get Referrals And Sell More Insurance

I know a few agents who hate asking for referrals because they’re afraid of bothering clients or asking for “too much”.
I understand the mentality, but it’s wrong.
When you make it easy and risk-free for clients to refer your agency, you are doing them a favor!
Why is that?
Because referrals are social currency. We all like to recommend quality companies and products to each other because it’s a way of helping one another.
Unfortunately, many insurance agents are never properly taught how to ask for referrals in an effective and comfortable way. This results in conversations like this:
Agent: “If you value the service I’ve provided you, please tell me 3 people that could also benefit from my excellent service…”
Client: [awkward pause] “Oh… Um… Well…  I guess you could call my… I don’t really have any phone numbers with me right now…”
Agent: “Sorry… can’t let you go until I get my names…”
I’d hate for you to deprive clients of the ability to help their friends and I really don’t want you …